Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Accessibility to "The Proposal" submitted to the YB Minister Youth and Sports

Journey started with an open letter and a signature campaign dated 23rd July 2008.

Three meetings were held with YB Minister of Youth and Sports including the full presentation on 22nd October 2008 at Parliament.

As the tenure of "102" former hockey internationals had ended with the submission and presentation of the proposal, we believe that the document should be accessible to everyone who loves hockey and supports Malaysian hockey.

Please see below for the proposal.

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Anonymous said...

102 mostly from older generation and never have the opportunity to go for MBA class and access of comouter easily. most of us are usually on the run work and dont belong to desktop work. Computer is just another way of communication. It will be better to have the slides attahced in a easier version instead of some difficult program. We would like to see it ourself.