Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Submission of Proposal to YB Minister - Framework and Guidelines

Following our meeting with YB Minister of Youth and Sports, the 102 former hockey internationals were requested to submit a proposal how to bring Malaysian hockey to World Standards.

We are therefore appealing to all the former hockey internationals who signed in support of the open letter to provide your inputs. Others are also welcome.

To facilitate the preparation of the proposal we kindly ask of you to follow the following framework:

  • Why is the current performance declining?
  • Is there any key strength in current performance despite the decline?
  • Recommendations to arrest decline and built upon the current strength.
  • Recommendations to uplift hockey to world standards.
  • Any other recommendations..

In line with the above framework, there are few guidelines for the submission:

  • Dateline: 22 August 2008.
  • Please state name and email address for acknowledgement of communication..
  • If there is no acknowledgement, kindly re-check with Enbaraj or Azlin..
  • Refrain from any personal attacks..
  • No obscenity in language.
  • .Submissions shall be treated as confidential.
  • The team preparing the proposal shall reserve the right to use the information.

Once the draft proposal is prepared we plan to have a discussion/presentation to finalise the proposal.

We look forward to your submission. .

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