Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Media Reports on the "Open Letter"

One week after delivering to the respective recipients, Enbaraj and Azlin made available the Open Letter and the information of the signatories to the Press. The time gap was given so as it would not catch the recipients by surprise i.e they would have time to study the matter.

The principle is that all parties should get together to ensure that we get back as a force in World hockey. The Press on its part had provided a fair amount of publicity and below are some of the reports.

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Tomorrow we shall post more media articles.


suki said...

The one question to ask here how was it the 102 and hadi's group became the spokesman for this so called exinternationals group.Never thought that, all it takes was 102 signatures and having 16 members in hadi's case you end up representing the so called association or group.
Why don't you register a body and then have elected members to represent us.Please don't get me wrong as i feel that would be a better way for us.In the meantime wish you luck.

Former Hockey Internationals said...

This signature campaign was done as a one of exercise, in view of the prevailing status of Malaysian hockey. The declining standards by virtue of the poor performance of the National Teams at all levels prompted the action by the former internationals.
There is no intent to have this as a permanent structure and the reason the blog exists is to provide a mode of communication on the status of what is happening on the open letter.
Since the YB Minister wants a proposal, this blog shall continue its work for the former internationals.
Anybody among the former internationals want to pursue setting up a body or working with the Players Association, is very much their personal choice. For the moment we will continue what has been started as a loose body.