Friday, August 22, 2008

Reminder - Today is the last day for submission but you still have the weekend.

On Wednesday 13th.August, we posted the "Framework and Guidelines" for your submission which would be collated and encompassed as a submission to the YB Minister. The dateline set was 22nd.August and the day has arrived. All those who have yet to submit kindly do so, as technically today is the last day.

As today is Friday and the collation work commences on Monday, you could still use the weekend to post your views through the official e-mail. We would appreciate if you can find the time to assists Malaysian Hockey with your ideas, so as Malaysia can yet again be in the forefront of World hockey.


Anonymous said...


Just been reminded that the closing is here and i gathered that u all must have got all the facts needed and the solution to make Malaysian Hockey great again.

Just to add on, if u all have not got it is in the area of officiating. I cannot reconcile as to why a whipping boy in Hockey as Singapore is, have so many representatives in the Technical Arena? The Beijing Olympics is a case in point. Why not one of us?

When u all come into power u all must query MHC as to how this comes about. And if the answer is dodgy query the FIH President. We must also be in all areas of FIH as our people are better in playing and education then some of Singapore's representatives.

Can anyone shade light on our shortcomings to break into the FIH?

Good luck Greats, Malaysians' Hockey is in your hands.

Anonymous said...

what happen to your proposal?..

or now it just a props?